Health & Nutrition

We envision a world where every individual has hindered access to quality nutrition for improved wellbeing​

Nutrition plays a vital role in overall wellbeing of an individual, this is why at Chowberry we work with an array of partners across sectors to synergize efforts with the aim of improving access to healthy nutrition with the emphasis on affordability. 

In our world today, it is rather disheartening to observe that quality organic food options are more expensive and beyond reach from the average person in sharp contrast to “junk” food and food forms high in carbs and sugars.  This unhealthy imbalance in accessibility is why Chowberry is going beyond access to food to design programs that improve access to quality nutrition by leveraging technology and the power of a unified community.

The Perspective

We imagine a world where every individual has unhindered access to quality nutrition.

The Task

Implement nutrition focused programs that improve wellbeing through.

The Action

We have teamed up with scientists and food technologies to create a nutrition bite called the Chowberries to deliver lifesaving micro-nutrients.  

The Chowberries

ChowBerries are fruit, vegetable or puree food forms surrounded by a grape-like skin comprised of a bilayer formed by alginate and chitosan polysaccharides. The skin of the food bites provides an effective barrier to water and oxygen transport, permitting high moisture content, which facilitates rapid dissolution in the mouth and distribution of active material. Of relatively low water content, the skin further permits the incorporation and stabilization of key enhancers of iron absorption such as vitamin C, which can lose stability in high water-content foods via oxidation. The skin also permits the stabilization of pre- and probiotics that can help counter gastrointestinal side effects of unabsorbed iron.

Join Us in Fighting Hunger and Reducing Food Waste​

Join us in our fight against hunger and food waste by donating or volunteering. Your contribution will make a difference in our community. With your support, we can create a future where no one goes hungry, and food waste is eliminated. Please donate or volunteer today.

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