Food System Consulting​

We advise on strategies and practices that foster a sustainable food system

Food system consulting plays a vital role in shaping a sustainable, resilient, and equitable food system. As our understanding of the complexities within the food industry grows, the need for specialized expertise and guidance becomes increasingly important. Here’s a closer look at the key aspects and benefits of food system consulting:

Sustainable Agriculture Practices: We provide guidance on sustainable farming techniques, including organic farming, regenerative agriculture, and agroecology. Our range of experts advise food system stakeholders on adopting practices that reduce chemical inputs, preserve soil health, conserve water resources, and promote biodiversity. 

Market Research and Analysis: Understanding market dynamics and consumer trends is essential for businesses in the food industry. Food system consultants conduct market research and analysis to help companies identify emerging opportunities, assess competition, and develop effective marketing strategies. They provide insights on consumer preferences, demand patterns, and the potential for new product development or market expansion.

The Perspective

Sustainable practices by food system players.

The Task

Help companies and stakeholders imbue sustainable practices in the food system.

The Action

Food System Ecosystem advisory for Food System Resilience Project of the World Bank.

FSRP Stakeholder Conference Summary Report

The World Bank is piecing together an $800 Million project called the Food System Resilience Program (FSRP) in West Africa with the aim of building resilience for climate adaptability and response to shocks that affect the food system in West Africa. 

Chowberry participated in an advisory role as well as played a facilitating role with all key stakeholders via a 3-day virtual stakeholder workshop.  

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