Our Vision

Our vision is to actualize an equitable regenerative food system where human communities are empowered to control and influence their food and nutrition needs.

We believe in the use of exponential technologies to enable humanity achieve sustainability and equitable resource distribution while transforming the food system to fulfill the nutritional needs of billions of households and families around the world.

The disorder and imbalance in the food system is of grave concern, for instance Africa produces 146 million out of the 268 million tonnes of cassava in the world – or 55 per cent, 5.4 million of the 5.6 million tonnes of cowpeas (Black-eyed pea), 9.62 million of the 28 million tonnes of millet and 29 million of the 69 million tonnes of sorghum globally, sadly Africa does not process its own food, the produce is cultivated processed externally and resold at a premium to vulnerable communities. 

Africa accounts for 75 per cent of the world’s cocoa production, but the continent only receives 2 percent of the $100 billion annual revenues from chocolates globally because it only exports raw cocoa beans. 

In the United States and around the world 3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually largely due to unsustainable practices in the agri-food distribution value chain.

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