Improve Access to Food and Nutrition with Technology

We’ve built technologies to improve access to food by redirecting food at risk of waste to families facing hunger, ensuring that nutritious meals are available to those in need while fostering a sustainable food system.

What We Do

Health & Nutrition

Good health and nutrition empowers households and communities to live a higher quality of life and general wellbeing.

Food-Tech and Innovation

We connect technologists’ food scientists, students, entrepreneurs to jointly take action save our food system.

R & D for Food Systems​

We work with research and academic institutions or organizations to actualize a shared vision of a resilient and sustainable food system.

Chowberry featured in UN's 75th Anniversary exhibition​

Chowberry Foundation Launches in US and Joins UN Exhibition to Fight Food Poverty. Voices on the Wind showcases food, healthcare, and learning with experts Dr. Mark Hyman and David Sengeh. Chowberry has provided 1 million meals since 2014 and collaborates with MIT and Harvard for the revolutionary ChowBerry.

Our Mission​

To actualize an equitable regenerative food system where human communities are empowered to control and influence their food and nutrition needs.

We believe in the use of exponential technologies to enable humanity achieve sustainability and equitable resource distribution while transforming the food system to fulfill the nutritional needs of billions of households and families around the world.

Picture Perfect

A regenerative equitable food system with unhindered access to high nutrient dense food forms for human communities without recourse to socioeconomic factors.


We believe that in order to build the future, we must include the future, our projects and interventions are geared towards regenerative food systems by incorporating methodologies of future thinking in the way we actualize our mission.


To re-order and decentralize our food system into a more sustainable ecosystem without waste or shortages.

The Approach

Reliance on enabling technologies and discoveries in science to leapfrog access and equitable distribution of healthy nutrition. 

Our Impact

The organization began as a social enterprise driven by technology – Chowberry App. Together with support from our partners we’ve distributed over 1.6 Million meals, by addressing the interconnected nature of food waste and hunger.




Meals Served


Retail Partners

Chowberry App

The Chowberry app is a stack of technologies that improves access to food and nutrition to families facing hunger while reducing food waste.

Chowberry for Business

Chowberry Business is a food matching app that connects food businesses and consumers with the best offers from food manufacturers, suppliers and farms.

Chowberry Food Voucher

Chowberry Food Voucher app powers the electronic Food Stamp program which primarily aids in the distribution of food to families in need through tokens redeemable for food by nearby merchants.

Join Us in Fighting Hunger and Reducing Food Waste​

Join us in our fight against hunger and food waste by donating or volunteering. Your contribution will make a difference in our community. With your support, we can create a future where no one goes hungry, and food waste is eliminated. Please donate or volunteer today.

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