Our Story

Chowberry was officially incorporated in 2016, inspired by a childhood experience of our founder with hunger and first-hand view of its link with food waste. 

Chowberry started as an app that reduces food waste and improve food access to families facing hunger by allowing grocers to trace and monitor products approaching the end of shelf-life and initiate steep pricing discounts on them as their sell-by dates approach. Partner food relief agencies then procure the discounted food items for their feeding programs in poor communities.

The app won the Young Innovators Award 2013 by the United Nations agency for ICT – the International Telecoms union (ITU) and received a prize funds of $5,000 which catalyzed and jumpstarted Chowberry. 

Chowberry gained critical acclaim and recognition after Time Magazine featured a piece in the 2017 edition of the Next Generation Leader series. As a social enterprise we have successfully distributed over 1.6 Million meals across Nigeria in underserved and indigent communities. 

We have helped and collaborated with global food brands like Barilla Group and International organizations like the World Bank, European Union, MIT Solve, Mohammed Bin Rasheed Initiative for prosperity amongst others to shape the future of our food systems to be more sustainable and regenerative. 

As an organization our focus is targeted at four key thematic interventions in Food-Tech, Health and Nutrition, Research and Development for the Food System and Food Waste reduction.

Our expertise in food systems innovation, use of technology for development and Social Entrepreneurship has created numerous opportunities for advisory, collaboration and knowledge sharing for global institutions and top food brands which include Barilla Group, Food Tank, Rolex SA, and British Council.

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