Erase Food Waste

Erasing Food Waste” is a collaboration between Chowberry USA, JASON Learning and JASON’s partner school districts across the United States of America, The program is designed to build awareness of the problem of food waste, challenge students to develop collaborative solutions that address local food waste issues, and empower them to act on those solutions […]

The Convergence Project

The United Nations resolution encourages the adoption of pioneering discoveries and exponential technologies for the betterment of millions in the developing world. In response, the Convergence Project, led by renowned scientists, aims to leverage breakthrough scientific discoveries to improve wellbeing globally. This includes creating ChowBerries, a nutrient-dense nutrition bite, using innovative edible packaging technology from FoodBerry and Langer Labs at MIT. ChowBerries are scalable, affordable, and have been validated through consumer trials.


“LifeBox” is a digitally enabled meal box program to improve health and wellbeing and empower feeders in vulnerable populations in the U.S with access to affordable healthy nutritious food while educating beneficiaries on healthy eating habits that lead to better health outcomes. “LifeBox” is hinged on four (4) main pillars namely; a.) Improved access to […]

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