R & D for Food Systems​

We believe in applying innovation, and research to improve food systems

We collaborate widely with stakeholders including academia and private entities to create new innovation and research that would advance the food system, yielding results that reverberate through the food value chain.

An example of such research work is on SenseStick – a collaboration with a Nigerian based University and college Professors to create a cloud computing driven system for forecasting climatologic patterns and outcomes in relation to crop yield and productivity.

The Perspective

Achieve new breakthrough discovery that exponentially improves the human condition. 

The Task

Leverage breakthrough research and apply it in the food system to improve nutrition outcomes.

The Action

Chowberry App has facilitated the distributon of over 1.6 million meals sourced from surprlus soon to expire food products while reducing food waste.

Convergence Project

The 2018 Convergence project originating from discoveries out of Harvard University and MIT and called “The Chowberries” started out with an approach to take pioneering discovery of low PH sensitive micro-nutrient encapsulation technology from Langer Labs at MIT and an algae based moisture retaining edible packaging technology by Harvard Professor David Edwards and leveraging both pioneering discoveries to create an African Super Food or Nutrition bite to address micro-nutrient deficiency such as Iron Deficient Anemia in developing countries beginning in Africa.

Join Us in Fighting Hunger and Reducing Food Waste​

Join us in our fight against hunger and food waste by donating or volunteering. Your contribution will make a difference in our community. With your support, we can create a future where no one goes hungry, and food waste is eliminated. Please donate or volunteer today.

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