Social Good Summit 2017

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February 25, 2021

The Social Good Summit was built on the premise that the discussions taking place in New York during the United Nations General Assembly should be accessible to all. 

Now in its eighth year, the Summit has continued its mission to involve everyone in the conversations that affect us all. Acquiring more than 2 billion social impressions within a span of 24 hours, the Summit continues fulfilling its mission of pushing the #2030NOW agenda, exploring how we can unlock technology’s potential to make the world a better place by the year 2030

The intersection of technology and new media has redefined our understanding of human progress. In the midst of this rapidly changing world, the Social Good Summit focuses on where we’re headed. Held annually during the United Nations General Assembly week, the Summit unites a lively community of global citizens and progressive thought leaders around a common theme: #2030NOW.

A dynamic exploration of the world we want to live in by 2030, the Social Good Summit will focus on how we can unlock technology’s potential to make the world a better place.Chowberry Foundation participated as a speaking organization on the African Digital Renaissance panel alongside Juliana Rothich Founder of Ushahidi and late CEO of Safaricom Bob Collymore.

We shared insights on the work we do in Africa, and the opportunities available where digital technology can transform and improve the well-being of the continent.

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