To Reach Millions Of Food deprived individuals
with affordable nutrition
through innovation and enabling technologies

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The Problem

13 Million Nigerias suffer hunger (UN FAO) and 8% of the population is under-nourished

We have created a new sustainable food chain out of products approaching end of shelf-life through our cloud-based software service that allows retail merchants view in real-time soon to expire food products in stock, while streaming same data to a marketplace interface as deep discounted food. These discounted food is obtained by charities and NGOs helping tackle food poverty for their feeding programs thereby enabling them procure more food for less.

How do we do it

  • Collate

    We collate real-time data on product shelf-life from retailers

  • Data Exchange

    We connect charities feeding households to affordable nutrition

  • Charity

    Charities distributes to needy households

Chowberry is a cloud based application service that provides an alternative affordable source of nutrition for economically disadvantaged demographics.With an expanding network of retailers we enable access to nutritious food products for food deprived beneficiaries through our innovative value exchange cycle between retailers and potential consumers or disadvantaged individuals. Signed up retailers monitor and track food products approaching the end of shelf-life within stock using the notification feature of the service. The same category of products monitored for shelf-life by the retailer are simultaneously streamed to a marketplace interface at deep discounts via location aware algorithms.

With the web-based software retailers are able to reduce the amount of products lost due to expiration by using our automated tracking and monitoring feature.The service being online helps ensure all products nearing expiry dates are purchased and consumed through our partner NGOs and organizations who require affordable food and have high consumption and usage rate.We work with orphanages, faith based organizations and other entitities who act as uptake partners as well as interested customers and consumers who can purchase products nearing expiration for low prices..

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